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Gradiental - Rules and Information

Before you post to the community, see if your question hasn't already been answered here:
- How do I make a gradient in PS?
- How do I make a gradient in PSP?
- How do I upload a gradient to PS?
- How do I upload a gradient to PSP?
- How do I create a gradient in The GIMP?
- All I got was an image pack! What now?

1. Respect each other. Don't like something? Pass it by unless the maker asks for criticism.

1a. Try to maintain at least a modicum of readable English in your post. No, nobody expects perfect English - some of us aren't native speakers, myself included - but "lolz u liek teh graident I makes kthnxbai?" is just... idiotic.

2. A gradient is a progression of colours fading into each other. It doesn't matter how many colours there are. You can have two, three, seventeen colours in a gradient. There are hard and soft gradients. A soft gradient looks like this:

I am a pretty butterfly!
REAL gradient

This is NOT a gradient:
NOT a gradient!
It's a texture. Yes, there are different colours in it, yes, it looks nice, no, it's not a gradient in the traditional sense of the word. Get it? Got it? Good.

This is NOT a gradient, either:
NOT a gradient!
It's a blurred image. I picked a random image and Gaussian-blurred the hell out of it. Colours are in it, too... but it's not a gradient.

3. Ergo? This community isn't for textures, light textures, blurry images or anything else that looks like a gradient. We want real gradients. Posts that contain anything other than real gradients will be deleted. Continued posting of things that aren't gradients will get you kicked from the community until you've learned what a real gradient is. Don't like this rule? Hey, you don't have to join.

4. File Formats
While image packs of gradients are welcome, please try to include a program-specific gradient file with your post.
Adobe PS: *.grd*
Paint Shop Pro: *.jgd (PSP7 and earlier), *.pspGradient ( as of PSP9 )
The Gimp: *.ggr

5. Please do not use YouSendIt or comparable hosting services to offer your gradients. YouSendIt links expire after seven days, or after a certain number of downloads have been reached, which means your download will not be available anymore and this community will be left with dead links. If you cannot find space to host your files, feel free to post a comment to this post and we'll find a solution.

6. Please do not post preview images larger than 400px because otherwise they will distort a lot of layouts. Also, and this is important... do NOT post previews of anything BUT a gradient. So you made brushes AND gradients? That's fine, but please post only the gradients here. This is a gradient community, not an 'everything goes' one.

7. Advertising your community, icon journal, icontest, iconblahwhatever, program, life, dog or ego is not allowed. There are communities for this kind of stuff. gradiental isn't one of these communities. One-time spammers will get a friendly 'don't do this again, mmkay?' comment and their post will be deleted. Spamming more than once is the quickest way to get yourself banned.


Looking! Any and all graphic-related communities are welcome!
Comment on this post with your information and url and I'll add you as an affiliate.

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